Access Platform for Excavators and Wheel Loaders

Access Platform for Excavators and Wheel Loaders

A MorrCon Access Platform is a personal platform designed for excavators and wheeled loaders. They are designed with a double redundancy to prevent personnel tipping out of basket by accident or intentionally. It has a self-levelling system and a manual cant correction.


These Access Platforms can be rated up to 500kg to allow for two personnel and their relevant equipment to be on platform at any given time. The Access Platforms for excavators and wheeled loaders are designed to meet Australian Standards AS 1418.8.


The basket can also be fitted with remote controls to allow the person in the basket of the access platform to operate either the excavator or wheeled loader from the basket with safety.


The basket can be used to allow personnel to be safely transported to height in challenging terrain. The MorrCon Access Platform can be fully customisable to suit any excavators and wheeled loaders or operators specifications.


If fitted to a excavator or wheeled loader with a slew limiter, the access platform will prevent inadvertent operation in a ‘no go zone’ such as on railway lines or beside roads.

MorrCon Access Platform for Excavators and Wheel Loaders