Beltway Weighing System for Conveyor Belt

BELTWAY Weighing System for Conveyor Belt

The modular Belt-Way weighing system for conveyor belts design is simple yet very versatile. The Belt-Way fits any size belt. The design is easy to install on virtually all of the stationary and movable conveyor belts. Calibration is done with a press of a button, using the static test weights or test material.


The patented Belt-Way weighing system for conveyor belts load cell housings are OIML certified load cells mounted. The expected inaccuracy or margin of error for a single rols weighing system is +/- 0.5%. For a double rolssysteem +/- 0.25. The precision is based on a tax rate of between 25 and 100% of the design capacity, as long as calibrated in accordance with the guidelines of the system book.


The accounting unit includes an advanced microprocessor and easy to read 4 line, 20 character display. Output is provided with an RS232 communication port, said external read-out, printers, or other serially connected devices can send. The data storage software provides a data readout locally or over the Internet.