Nijhuis Engineering Weighing Systems

Nijhuis Engineering Weighing Systems for Conveyor Belts, Trailers and Excavators


The modular Belt-Way weighing system for conveyor belts design is simple yet very versatile.

HE Load

He-Load is a weighing system designed based on our HELICS weighing load land height limiter for excavators.

Agri Load

A weighing system for a variety of trailers, such as solid fertilizer spreaders, silage and semi-trailers.


The heighlics height limiter safety system calculates the height using specially developed earth mover corner givers. The angle sensors are randomly placed on different boom parts of the machine.


The Railics is a safe load system developed especially for crane on rail operations. The Railics safe load system has is a built-in swivel and height limiter. It fully meets the EN 15746 standard.


Whelics MkII is the latest generation of safe load systems for crane on wheel loader operations. This protection conforms to EN 13000 and protect the machine from overload.

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