ESVB Hose Breakage System – Hose Burst Safety Valve

ESVB Hose Breakage Monitoring Safety Valve

Safety first

This ESVB hose breakage system safety valave is the only totally “fail safe” hose burst system craning valve in the world developed with TMA Engineering Height Limiter. Each time before use it can be tested from the cabin for the correct operation. This can be done in just a few seconds from the driver’s seat, by pressing two buttons. With this, one simulates a fictitious pipe fracture in which the system must respond immediately.

Less pollution

After testing most of the other hose burst safety valve systems on the market, this ESVB hose breakage system has unquestionably been designed so that in the case of a pipeline rupture it gives the least oil pollution in the environment. In the event of a line break, this craning valve system allows for the safety valve to immediately shut off flow.


The ESVB hose breakage system craning valves are the most compact hose burst safety valves on the market. Even the 800 l / min capacity valves are not bigger than 170x100x100 mm. When mounted on some wheel loaders these valves, due to limited space, are the only valves that can be placed.

Movement Blocking

This safety valve completely block the movement of the arm when a hose burst occurs and no more oil is lost. This immediately alerts the operator to the fact that a line break has occurred. In comparison, a servo (pilot) controlled hose breakage system determines the speed of ram, in which case the operator is only alerted to a problem after he has tried to operate the function and it has not responded and in doing so has created a massive oil spill.

No Effects on the Functioning

The valve are fully open or fully closed so there is no impairment by this safety system at normal operation. The machine is as fast or slow as desired as if there was no valves installed at all. Also, the ESVB valves are, so long as there is no hose breakage, completely open. Servo (pilot) operated hose burst valves (craning valves) are closed and require a time internal to open fully. This can have shudder and heating issues in slow speed operation for delicate work. In the long term this is harmful in large lifting frames (wheel loaders with Servo (pilot) line safety valves). Also there is no heat on the safety system.

The ESVB hose breakage system safety valves is under European patent no. 0404271