Helics – Excavator Safety System

Helics – Excavator Safety System

Excavator LMB

The HELICS MkII overload warning device is a specially developed excavator safety system. These excavator safety systems comply with the latest EN 13000 standard and protects the machine from overloading.


The excavator safety system is operated and read out by means of a 7-inch touch-screen display. To this, the operator can continuously monitor the current load, flight, maximum load, and allowable flight readout. In addition, a choice can be made on the display among the different lifting programs. They may be chosen between; tyres on stamps (and blade) and between the different programs per attachment. If the driver does not have a competence certificate for cranes (required above 10 tonne / meter), then the security is adjusted accordingly. The stainless steel angle data transmitters, each pivotally mounted on the boom section, are connected via CAN bus to each other. The lifting cylinders are hydraulic pressure sensors placed. The system can calculate the position and the load hook to seven extensions/sections in this way.


The HELICS excavator safety system is completely, including hydraulic adjustment, built by Nijhuis in Holland. The Helics excavator safety system is fully customisable.