Arealics – Excavator Limiting System


Excavator Limiting System

The Arealics excavator limiting system is designed for hydraulic excavators, but also can be used in any other machine with moving arms. It is a combination of our well-known Heighlics height limiter with a slew restriction which is based on the count of magnetic pulses. The operator defines the maximum height, slew and area that the machine can operate in.


The system is actuated and read out via the touch screen display in the cab.


When the boom or arm of the machine in that area comes within the set parameters, the Arealics excavator limiting system will stop the movements and the operator can only come back into the safe area. This will prevent damage and accidents to plant and personnel. Optionally, the stop motion can be fitted with programmable slow down so that at high speeds no sudden movements will occur at slew or height limits.


The standard Arealics is designed as a Class II security. As an option, a safety class III / IV system can be supplied, in particular for use on railways.



  • 4.3 inch touch-screen display
  • Waterproof stainless steel angle transmitters
  • CAN bus compounds
  • Maximum use of limited space
  • Up to seven (7) boom sections / extensions
  • Built in black box with data logger


To mount on new or existing machines

Arealics - Excavator Limiting System