Thelics – Telehandler Safe Load System


Telehandler Safe Load System

Thelics is the latest generation telehandler safe load system. This protection conforms to EN 13000 and protects the machine from overload. Thelics telehandler safe load system allows the operator to monitor load and reach.


The security is operated and read out by means of a 7-inch touch-screen display. The Thelics safe load system allows the operator to continuously monitor and control the current load, maximum load, current reach and maximum allowable reach. In addition, a choice can be made on the display among the different lifting programs for each attachment. If the driver does not have a competence certificate for cranes (required above 10 tonne / meter), then the security is adjusted accordingly.


The stainless steel angle data transmitters, mounted on the boom and quick-change over the CAN bus, are connected to each other and the hydraulic pressure sensors are placed in the cylinders. The system can calculate the reach and hook load in this way.


The Thelics telehandler safe load system is completely built by Nijhuis Engineering in Holland, including the hydraulic adjustment.



  • 7 inch touchscreen display
  • Waterproof stainless steel angle transmitters
  • Programs for various attachments
  • Standard integrated height limiter
  • Customer specific requirements possible
  • System is fully inclusive hydraulic adjustments
  • Rapid build-up (the system us built up in approximately one week, adjusted and checked)
  • Built in black box with data logger
  • Competitively priced

Lifting platform telehandler masts and platforms

Nijhuis Engineering builds the telehandler safe load system in Holland hoisting telemasts that include handlers. The telemasts are built to customer specifications and are available in different lengths and versions. Options include rigid, mechanical-and / or hydraulically extendable, with fixed hook, and / or a winch. The masts are light yet robust in design and comply with the relevant codes and provides certificates.
The handler can be supplied with a safety access platform with a self-levelling system.