Torrent Mulchers for Forestry and Brush Clearing

We sell powerful Torrent Mulchers for forestry and brush clearing that are light enough for your machinery, but strong enough to handle even the toughest jobs.

Fast Cutting




Low Carbide

Commercial Grade


The Torrent Mulchers EX28 RPM Lightweight mulcher is capable of Mulching light brush, mows grass, heavy weeds and efficiently removes whole trees up to 5 inches in diameter on light excavators and backhoes.


The Torrent Mulchers EX30RPM boom mounted mulcher is our lightest commercial grade boom mounted mulcher and is intended to handle anything from grass to brush to whole trees (to 8 inch diameter) and stumps.


The Torrent Mulchers EX40D has a 40 inch cutting width, larger drive motor and a heavier frame construction allowing it to withstand the heavier down pressure associated with larger excavators delivering higher productivity.


Of all the Torrent Mulchers EX54s ever sold all are still in service today with not one single crippling and expensive frame or drum failure. High volume applications are where this heavy duty forestry mulcher thrives.

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