HE Load Weighing System for Excavators


Weighing System for Excavators

He-Load is a weighing system designed based on our HELICS weighing load land height limiter for excavators. The weighing system determines the position of the lifting hook, digger bucket or clip by means of angle sensors on each boom part. The pressure sensors in the cylinders determines the last compensation of the boom own weight. It is possible to settle various fittings and thus to make an accurate weighing.


Read-out of the weighing data, and the sub option, can be made via the touch screen display in the cab. It is possible to connect a printer to the weighing system and immediately print a weighing note in the cabin. Data can also be stored on the USB memory key present in the system. This data can then be transferred to a PC and be edited using Excel.


Weightings can be done automatically by means of a trigger point on the boom or manually via the display in the cab.