EX28RPM Lightweight Capable Mulcher


Lightweight Capable Mulcher

The EX28 RPM Lightweight mulcher is capable of Mulching light brush, mows grass, heavy weeds and efficiently removes whole trees up to 5 inches in diameter on light excavators and backhoes. The fixed tooth cutting drum, rotatable spherical cutters and high efficiency direct drive allow this lightweight mulcher to deliver maximum punch and durability in a super lightweight package.


The Torrent forestry mulcher chips and mulches the wood with minimal horsepower required. The fixed cutting design mulcher head will suit either wheel or skid mounted machines. Requiring less horse power for drive this light weight, heavy duty, robust forestry mulcher cuts through timber with ease. The cutters can be turned four times meaning the owner has multiple use out of a blade set without the need to replace cutters. Torrent forestry mulchers are Canadian built and come with a five year frame warranty. A finely balanced implement with a very quick spool time – 0 to full speed in less than four seconds. The rotor speed is 3,000+ RPM.

EX28 RPM Lightweight Mulcher Features

  • Light weight design constructed with high strength steel to withstand full down pressure of boom
  • Unmatched boom reaction and stability even at full reach over the side
  • High efficiency and rotatable spherical cutters consume minimal power
  • Simple, durable, high efficiency direct drive for years of trouble free service
  • Super fast spooling (roughly 3 seconds) for minimal recovery time from stall

EX28 RPM Lightweight Mulcher Applications

  • Fence line guard rail and signage maintenance
  • Dam, burm and retention pond maintenance
  • Pre-commercial thinning
  • Maintenance of crop tree stands and orchards
  • Whole tree removal
  • Stump grinding

EX28 RPM Lightweight Mulcher Specifications

Operating Weight(Standard) 480lb/215 Kg
Cutting Width28 inches
Rotation Speed3500 RPM (max)
Excavator Power Requirement30hp / 22.6 Kw (min)
Excavator Weight Range4 - 6 tonne
Cutter TypeFixed spherical
Cutter Quality28
Drive TypeDirect
Power Transmission TypeHydraulic fluid power
Hydraulic Motor TypeFixed axial piston
Maximum Hydraulic System Pressure5000 psi / 340 bar (max continuous)
Hydraulic Oil Flow Requirement13 usgpm / 50 lpm (min)